Founded in 2003 and based near Milan, Ekoline is an Italian manufacturer of chemical specialties for industries, today leader all over the world. Developing new products and thanks to the quick growth, Ekoline Srl moved to the new headquarter in 2009 located in Ossona (MI). Nowadays, Ekoline Srl offers a wide range of products, realized with technical and technological knowledge and constant lab researches, result of collaborations with the customers and through a young and motivated structure that works in the company with high technology machineries.

Our Philosophy

Our working concept is based on the following principles. The application of these, drove our company to obtain a great success, if we think that it’s a very young brand.

Strategic conception developing products

Ekoline pays attention to nature and environment, having close the cause and working hard to actively help our planet – this is the reason why today, we are proud to show you our wide range of water based products, avoiding in this way, the usage dangerous solvents.


Thank to the system of control and quality certification for the research and the production of chemical formulations for the industrial sector, in 2014, Ekoline has obtained the ISO CERTIFICATION: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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